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AAC Supports LFCTS (AIMTEST) Firing During UK Gun Camp, Castlemartin, Wales

As an ongoing Integrated Logistical Support contract, AAC was requested to provide onsite support during gunnery training in Castlemartin, Wales. AAC has supported LFCTS firing for three years in an

effort to assist crews with installation and address any issues. Donn Gier traveled to Wales to support the gunnery training. After his arrival the day prior to the LFX 2 table, Donn assisted crews with

installation of the LFCTS on the training unit's Challenger 2 main battle tanks. The crews are becoming proficient with the installation but are happy to have someone from AAC present during the LFX 2 table

just in case a problem happens.

AAC is proud of its commitment to providing support to the UK armor units during their gunnery training. The partnership has helped crews and leaders to focus on the training being conducted and not on the

training devices being used.

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