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AAC Displays Sub-calibers in Nashville, Tennessee
AAC personnel displayed a cross section of AAC's products at the 131st NGAUS General Conference and Exhibition held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN, 10 - 13 September 2009.

On display was the GTS-M242/7.62mm Gunnery Training Device for the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The GTS in the 7.62mm configuration was requested by the National Guard to train new Bradley crews prior to their Annual Training to save valuable training time during this once a year event. Some states do not have the capability of firing .50 caliber and higher weapons during their monthly training events and must wait until they go to their Annual Training event before firing these crucial fighting vehicles.

Also on display was the Sub-Caliber Inbore Device 105mm SA Stryker (IDS) developed for the Stryker Mobile Gun System. This sub-caliber gunnery training system provides a semi-automatic inbore device to fire emulation gunnery. The IDS has the same reloading time as the Ammunition Handling System of the Stryker MGS. Once installed in the gun pod of the vehicle it is completely and remotely controlled by the crew while in their station. The IDS works with the MGS TESS system and the Stryker MGS' Training Mode to emulate firing main gun rounds on lower gunnery practice tables.

AAC also displayed its pinnacle device, the AIMTEST 120MM-M256 A5, which is the current sub-caliber in use by the US Army and USMC. This .50 caliber inbore device installs in minutes, is accurate to 2000 meters and emulates firing main gun engagements on lower gunnery practice tables.

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