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AAC Team Conducts BMP-1 AIMTEST New Equipment Training for Egyptian Army

In October AAC personnel traveled to Cairo Egypt to teach New Equipment Training (NET) to Infantry officers on the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The Egyptian Army purchased 83 Advanced Inbore Marksmanship Training Enhancement Systems for Tanks (AIMTEST) for the BMP-1. After being successfully demonstrated in 2005, the AIMTEST-73mm was purchased under a Foreign Military Service contract through TACOM-RI, IL in 2010 and delivered in 2011. The NET was conducted as part of the original contract that also included six (6) Direct Support Packages (DSP), which are spare parts packages.

The NET was taught at the Infantry Institute near Nasr City. The classroom portion introduced students to the AIMTEST components. It also provided the theory for inspection, installation, zero procedures, and removal of the device. The students then conducted applicable hands-on training in the motorpool on a BMP-1 vehicle. Each student installed the system and checked the firing circuits to ensure it was properly installed. Following hands-on training, students and the AAC team traveled to a live-fire range where all students were given the opportunity to engage targets with the AIMTEST-73mm using the BMP-1 fire control system. In the last days of training students went through maintenance training, which gave them an overview of how to completely disassemble the AIMTEST and replace parts. The students also learned other maintenance checks and adjustments that will ensure the devices are ready for training at all times.


The AIMTEST-73mm devices give Infantry unit commanders a gunnery training tool for their BMP-1 crews. The BMP-1 fires a 73mm round using direct fire techniques. The AIMTEST replicates the direct fire techniques using .50 caliber (12.7mm) ammunition. The AIMTEST provides a training solution to commanders so crews can train more frequently at less cost to the Army.

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