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AAC Shows AIMTEST-MKII and GTS M242-LAV at Marine Corps South
John Koch

The AIMTEST-MKII 120MM-M256 and the GTS M242 LAV were on display for east coast Marines to view at the recent Marine Corps South Expo. The show, held at Camp Lejeune, NC, drew Marines, former Marines, and civilians to the Goettge Memorial Field House to view all types of military wares. Among those were AAC's newest, most advanced gunnery training solutions. The AIMTEST-MKII 120MM-M256 is AAC's newest model in the AIMTEST line and is designed specifically for the M1 series tanks used by Marine Tank Battalions. The MKII sports an interally recoiled Barrel Assembly, which has shown to increase the accuracy of AIMTEST. Other improvements to the AIMTEST, such as the newest solenoid, externally headspace capability, and more are all included on the MKII.

Marines from LAV units also were introduced to the GTS M242-LAV. GTS stands for Gunnery Training System, and is designed specifically for the M242 25mm chaingun, the current main gun on the USMC LAV. The GTS M242-LAV provides a viable sub-caliber gunnery training system for LAV crews to conduct preliminary gunnery training, retraining, and other types of gunnery training. There was genuine excitement at the GTS potential as a future training solution for the USMC LAV crews. Under current conditions at Camp Lejeune, LAV crews are not able to conduct gunnery training due to strict fire hazard restrictions. All LAV 25mm ammunition contain tracers and those are forbidden during tough fire hazard restrictions. Since range training time is very valuable, GTS could be used with standard .50 caliber ball ammunition and would permit LAV crews to continue gunnery training.

AAC is working with the USMC to provide these valuble gunnery training solutions to the Marines.

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