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AAC Conducts First GTS-LAV-25 Demo

In partnership with General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, AAC conducted a successful demonstration of the GTS-M242 mounted on the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV-25). On gunnery range in Northern Canada, AAC personnel working with GDLS-C personnel installed the GTS-LAV-25 into the M242 chain-gun receiver on a LAV-25. After hooking up the AAC designed Fire Control Integration Box (FCIB), the vehicle moved out on the range and fired over 200 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition using the GTS. The GTS precisely emulated the rates of fire of the LAV-25.

The GTS-LAV-25, the first of its kind, is a live-fire gunnery training system for LAV-25 crews to bridge the gap between simulation training and live-fire full-caliber gunnery. The GTS device is easily installed and requires no alteration of the LAV-25 Fire Control System. A simple connection to the M242 gun and the system receives the firing signal and sends it to AAC’s GTS-LAV-25 device.

The assistance of GDLS-C provided to the development of this system was immeasurable. GDLS-C provided time, personnel, facilities, and technology that made integrating the GTS-LAV-25 into the LAV-25 possible. “We’re hoping to have a long relationship with GDLS-C and the GTS-LAV-25 as we have with GDLS and the M1 Abrams and AIMTEST,” said John Koch, AAC’s Senior Business Development Manager.

The LAV-25, produced by GDLS-C, is currently in operation around the world by many allies and the USMC. The GTS-LAV-25 provides trainers another tool in their arsenal to train new crews, retrain experienced crews, and work with crews having difficulties. The great thing is firing the GTS-LAV-25 will save commanders thousands of dollars annually while still increasing crew lethality. The GTS device is an additional training tool not a replace for full-caliber gunnery.

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