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First Stryker MGS Sub-Caliber NET at Fort Knox, KY
The fielding of the new Stryker Mobile Gun System's sub-caliber gunnery training device is a few months out, but the teaching of the New Equipment Training Course for the soon to be fielded Sub-Caliber Inbore Device 105MM SA Stryker (IDS) has already begun. The first NET was conducted by AAC's Senior Technologist and former M1A1/M1A2 Master Gunner, Donn Gier. The audience included the current students of the Stryker MGS Master Gunner Course and the Training Aids, Devices, Simulations, and Simulators (TADSS) Master Gunner Instructors. Students were taught the basics of the system, installation, zero procedures, and maintenance. The IDS is another new product AAC has launched within the last year. This is the first semi-automatice .50 caliber sub-caliber device used by the US Army. The IDS replicates the loading time of the Ammunition Handling System of the Stryker MGS. The device was developed at the request of the US Army at Fort Knox, through PEO-STRI. It is safety certified by the Army Testing Center, located in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD.

Stryker MGS Units throughout the Army will be receiving their inbore devices over the next year. Germany units will be the first units to undergo NET and fielding later this year.

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