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American Apex Corporation Continues Support for the US Army Master Gunner School

With the relocation of the Armor School  to Fort Benning, GA from Fort Knox, KY, the US Army Master Gunner School is getting new facilities to train the future Master Gunners for the US Army, National Guard, and USMC. American Apex Corporation (AAC) took the opportunity of the relocation of the school to do some much needed maintenance on the two AIMTEST 120MM-M256 gunnery training devices currently on loan to the Master Gunner School. One device is inert and used for classroom instruction. The other is fully functional and is used during each class' range week so each student has the opportunity to install and fire the AIMTEST on the M-1 Abrams tank. The Stryker MGS Inbore device is also taught at the Master Gunner School.

AAC personnel retrieved the two AIMTEST from the school prior to its move from Fort Knox. The devices went through a thorough inspection and maintenance routine at AAC's facility in Plain City, Ohio. Once the maintenance was complete, the devices were test-fired and certified ready for use, AAC personnel delivered the devices to the new school location on Fort Benning.

AAC is proud to support the US Army's Master Gunner School and the Maneuver Center of Excellence. AAC provides this service at no cost to the school or the US Army.

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