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:: Aimtest-MKII

The caliber .50 Advanced Inbore Marksmanship Training Enhancement System for Tanks Mark II (AIMTEST-MKII), is manufactured by American Apex Corporation to provide high quality accurate gunnery training at a cost that any organization can afford. AIMTEST-MKII is now available for all NATO standard 90mm, 105mm or 120mm main tank guns. AIMTEST-MKII is designed to replicate the ballistics of several types of standard tank ammunition in calibers 90mm, 105mm and 120mm through the substitution of easily available cal. .50 ammunition types. The MKII incorporates the internally recoiled barrel assembly used on the Inbore Device Stryker. The internally recoiled barrel assembly proved more accurate than the MKII's extremely accurate predecessor, AIMTESTTM. This latest generation of AIMTEST is the most advanced sub-caliber available.

(available for M256, L-44 & L-55 cannons)

(available for M68 & L-7 cannons

The trajectory of, cal. .50 SLAP-T, M962, (Saboted Light Armor Penetrator, Tracer) ammunition is an excellent match to 2000 meters, sufficient to exercise the tank crew with the standard half-scale or full-scale targets. 1500 meter capability can be achieved with the use of cal. .50 APIT, M20. Accuracy of AIMTEST-MKII will challenge the skills of the entire crew. In tests the AIMTEST-MKII had .50 caliber shot groupings of 12-18 inches at 1500 meters.

There is no compromise in the training conditions for the crew. All functions performed during normal operational use of the tank must be performed with AIMTEST-MKII. The main gun electrical and manual firing circuits operates the firing mechanism of AIMTEST-MKII and all main gun safeties are operational. In addition, the range safety fan is reduced to 6700 meters. Noise of firing is reduced to small arms level because of the "muffling" effect of the long main gun tube. As a result, the crew is subjected to very low sound pressure levels. Both the range safety fan and noise levels are important in many countries due to restrictions being placed upon military activities in populated areas. Very realistic practice is achieved with vastly reduced costs.

AIMTEST-MKII  is the best and most cost-effective means of training tank crews that is available in the world. It has all the characteristics that are sought after in military acquisition today, and will bridge the gap between simulators and live firing with practice ammunition. Acquisition and deployment of AIMTEST-MKII will permit armed forces to maintain operational readiness in areas where standard ammunition cannot be fired, and to retain forces, through reduced training costs, that would otherwise be lost to funding attrition. In this age of cost-conscious armed forces, AIMTEST-MKII  is the right tool, at the right time.

:: AIMTEST-MKII Product Chart
90MM MK VIII Cockerill 90 MK VIII AGS (High Vel.), Piranha 90
105MM M68 / M68A2, L7, F1 M60A1, M60A3, M48A5, LEO A1-A5, AMX-30
120MM M256, L44, L55
M1A1 / M1A2, LEO 2 A1-A6