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The caliber .50 (12.7mm) Advanced Inbore Marksmanship Training Enhancement System for Tanks (AIMTESTTM), is manufactured by American Apex Corporation (AAC) to provide high quality and accurate gunnery training at a cost that any organization can afford. AIMTESTTM is now available for all NATO standard 105mm or 120mm main tank guns.

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:: Whom We Serve

AAC serves the world’s Armor and Infantry Forces. With over 15 countries now using AIMTEST, AAC is a proven global company with proven and effective gunnery training solutions.

Australia Greece
Bahrain Jordan
Belgium Iraq
Brazil Saudi Arabia
Chile Spain
Denmark United Kingdom
Egypt United States
:: Who We Are

Specializing in live-fire gunnery training devices for combat vehicle crews, American Apex Corp. is the industry leader with the AIMTEST .50 caliber (12.7mm) Inbore Device.  With over 1700 devices currently in use training tank crews from 15 different countries, American Apex Corp. has been setting the standard in innovation and design in live-fire training for two decades.  In the age of training funds reduction, the AIMTEST is the right solution for the highest quality training.
The Leader
in Live-Fire Gunnery
Training for the
World's Armored Forces
:: News & Events

AAC Shows AIMTEST-MKII and GTS M242-LAV at Marine Corps South

The Marine Corps South Expo, held at Camp Lejeune, NC, gave east coast Marines a chance to see AAC's two newest additions to their sub-caliber product line, the AIMTEST-MKII and the GTS for the LAV.

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AAC Team Conducts BMP-1 AIMTEST New Equipment Training for Egyptian Army

The AAC team traveled to Cairo, Egypt to teach Egyptian Infantry Officers how to use their newly acquired AIMTEST-73mm gunnery training devices on their BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The New Equipment Training (NET) focused on the inspection, installation, operation, removal and maintenance of the AIMTEST-73mm. Officers had the opportunity to fire the AIMTEST-73mm on a BMP-1 at the live-fire range.

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AAC Supports LFCTS (AIMTEST) Firing During UK Gun Camp, Castlemartin, Wales

At the request of the UK MoD, AAC dispatched their Senior Technical Advisor, Donn Gier, to Castlemartin, Wales to support the Live Fire Crew Training System (LFCTS) firing on the Challenger 2 main

battle tank. LFCTS, UK Army's name for AIMTEST, is fired during LFX 2 and is designed to ready crews for full-caliber live-fire gunnery tables.

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American Apex Corporation Continues Support for the US Army Master Gunner School

AAC has a long standing relationship with the US Army Master Gunner School at Fort Benning, GA. For many years AAC has had two AIMTEST 120MM-M256 gunnery training devices on loan to the school.

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