ISO 9001:2000 Certified
:: Gunnery Training System (GTS)

GTS is a training device that allows users of the medium caliber chain-gun weapons systems such as the M242 Bushmaster or any other 20mm-40mm weapons system to use sub-caliber weapons for gunnery skills training.  It consists of a weapon mount that replaces the barrel, an integration system, and appropriate firing solenoid assembly.  Solenoids fire the M2HB Caliber .50 Browing machine gun and/or the GPMG (m240) 7.62mm machine gun.  This allows the crew to train using combat full or scaled ranges at a fraction of the costs of medium caliber ammunition.  The crew uses the vehicle's fire control system as it was designed and concentrates on realistic combat training.

GTS (12.7mm configuration)
Unit weapons are used. No weapon is provided with system.

 GTS (7.62mm configuration)
Unit weapons are used. No weapon is provided with system.

:: GTS Compatibility Chart
AIMTEST Model Cannon Vehicle
GTS-242 M242 (25mm) Bradley M2/M3, LAV-25
GTS-242-7.62mm 20mm-40mm Bradley M2/M3, LAV-25, GCV, Piranha IIIC
GTS-L21A2 L21A2 Scimitar
MK44 30/40mm GCV, Piranha IIIC

NOTE: GTS is versatile and adaptable to most Armored/Infantry Fighting Vehicles or Recon Vehicles

:: Specifications
Max effective range 2000m with M962 SLAP-T
1500m with M20 API-T / M17 Tracer / C163
Length 51 inches/129.5 cm
Width 4 inches/10.2cm w/o Ammo Stowage Box
13.8 inches/35.1cm w/ Ammo Stowage Box
Height 8.8 inches/22.4cm
Weight 65 lbs/29.5kg

NOTE: Adaptable to all rates of fire – Single Shot, Low Rate, High Rate
:: Data Sheet Information

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:: Product Information