ISO 9001:2000 Certified

The Tube launched, Optically tracked, Wired guided, Missle-Marksmanship Achieved Through Efficiency (TOW-MATE) is manufactured by American Apex Corporation (AAC) to fill the gap between simulation and live-fire gunnery for Bradley, HUMMV, and STRYKER crewmembers. The TOW-MATE is another product by AAC designed to bridge the training gap and provide realistic gunnery training to TOW Crews, regardless of platform.


TOW-MATE is designed to "read" the firing signal from the launcher and feed the signal to a Range to Target Simulator Selector (RTSS). The RTSS holds the signal for the time-of-flight from launcher to target. The RTSS uses Raytheon's time-of-flight data and the projectile's muzzle velocity to determine time of flight duration. The TOW-MATE’s internal re-coil system absorbs re-coil energy all but eliminating re-coil energy absorbed by the TOW mounting points.

TOW-MATE is easily deployable to training areas and Urban (MOUT) ranges and can be fired on small arms ranges templated for .50 cal (12.7x99mm) ammunition.
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