AAC serves the world’s Armor and Infantry Forces. With over 15 countries now using AIMTEST, AAC is a proven global company with proven and effective gunnery training solutions.

United States of America

The United States Army is the largest customer with over 800 systems in use throughout the Army and National Guard Armored Forces

The United States Marine Corps makes up the rest of the customers in the USA deploying systems for their M1A1 tanks

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom employs the AIMTEST-L30 device on their fleet of Challenger II tanks


The Arab Republic of Egypt owns 100 AIMTEST-120MM-M256 devices for their fleet of M1A1 Abrams tanks and 83 AIMTEST-73mm devices for their BMP-1 crews.

Egypt is in the process of procuring AIMTEST devices to support their M60 T-62 fleets


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan initially purchased a small quantity of AIMTEST120MM-L-11 devices for their Challenger 1 tanks. After training with AIMTEST and seeing its many benefits, Jordan ordered more AIMTEST 120MM-L11 devices.


Chile owns AIMTEST devices for gunnery training of their Leopard 1A3 crews


Australia employs AIMTEST as part of their overall effort to enhance gunnery training. Prior to procuring the M1A1 tanks the Australian Army found AIMTEST to be beneficial in training their Leopard 1 crews

AAC upgraded all AIMTEST 105MM to AIMTEST 120MM-M256 models in 2010.


Finland ‘s Leopard 2A4 crews are employing AIMTEST as part of their comprehensive gunnery training program

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s National Guard employs the AIMTEST-90MM as part of their gunnery training strategy


Greece is using the AIMTEST-73MM for their BMP-1 vehicles

The AIMTEST-105MM is also in use in the Greek Army


Denmark initially purchased AIMTEST for their Leopard tanks. They were pleased with the performance of the AIMTEST they recently upgraded their devices to the newest version, the AIMTEST-A5


Brazil utilizes the AIMTEST-105MM as a gunnery training asset for their Leopard I tanks


Spain employs the AIMTEST-105MM for their Centauro Vehicles and AIMTEST-120MM for their fleet of Leopard 2 tanks


The Kingdom of Bahrain forces employ the AIMTEST -105MM


The Republic of Iraq purchased AIMTEST120MM-M256 devices for their new M1A1 tanks


The Kingdom of Belgium purchased AIMTEST-MKII 90MM devices for their new Piranha 90mm vehicle fleet. Belgium purchased the devices through GDELS (formerly MOWAG) as part of the vehicle package