The Advanced Inbore Marksmanship Training System for Tanks – Semi Automatic (AIMTEST-SA) is manufactured by American Apex Corporation (AAC). The design for AIMTEST-SA developed out of a need for a sub-caliber live-fire training device for tanks that employ auto-loaders. The most recent example of this need is the U.S. Army’s fielding of the Stryker-Mobile Gun System (MGS). From this model the AIMTEST-SA can be adopted to fit any auto-loader tank platform. Tanks and fighting vehicles with cannons 73mm – 125mm can employ the AIMTEST-SA in the same way they employ their auto-loading systems.

AimTest SA

The AIMTEST-SA employs characteristics found in the most modern version of the AIMTEST-MKII 120MMM256, such as the internal recoil assembly, designed to absorb the recoil of the caliber .50 and increase the accuracy of the very accurate AAC manufactured barrel. Accuracy combined with the semi-automatic loading .50 caliber receiver assembly and vehicle electronic integration system; make the AIMTEST-SA a world class live-fire training system.

Just like its counterparts AIMTESTTM, GTS, and TOW-MATE, the AIMTEST-SA is the best and most cost effective device for training live-fire gunnery. It combines the major components of effective combat training; personnel, the weapon, and live ammunition; and provides a cost-effective alternative to otherwise expensive training events while providing realistic training feedback.

AIMTEST-SA Product Chart

Model Cannon Vehicle
105-SA1 M68 / M68A1, L7, F1 Stryker MGS

1 Semi-Automatic