Model Fibua/MOUT

In conjunction with SRTA (plastic) ammunition “live-fire” FIBUA/MOUT exercises can be carried out on existing FIBUA/MOUT ranges.

Feature and Benefits

  • Fires Nammo’s SRTA-T polyethylene (plastic) ammunition reducing any and all damage to existing range infrastructure.
  • The AIMTEST device is easily deployable to FIBUA/MOUT training areas and is supportable at the unit level.
  • Ease of installation, operation, and maintenance ensures efficient crew training.
  • Excellent individual and collective gunnery training device for full scale FIBUA/MOUT ranges.
  • A "Train as you Fight" device requiring little initial training to operate.
  • Adapts to the vehicle’s Fire Control System without harm to Fire Control components.
  • Environmentally friendly with small noise signature and reduced range limit requirements

Details and Specifications


  • 200 meters with M860 SRTA
  • Maximum Danger Area Template 800 meters

"Inbore Devices have without a doubt paid for themselves. The MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) Tank Platoon was only alloted 190 main gun rounds so all work up Gunnery Tank Tables conducted on this float, were conducted by utilizing the cal .50 Inbore Device.

As a Master Gunner and SNCO I will continue to use and tell others about the pro's of using the Inbore Device."

JM Hidalgo
GYSGT, USMC (Rhino 4)