The Leader in Live-Fire Gunnery Training for the World’s Armored Forces


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Who We Are

American Apex Corporation (“AAC”) specializes in the live-fire gunnery training systems for combat vehicle crews.

We are the industry leader and the sole source of sub-caliber in-bore training systems for armored vehicles.

With over 2,300 units of AIMTEST™ and GTS Training Systems currently in use by tank and IFV crews around the world, American Apex Corp. has been setting the standard in innovation and design of live-fire training for nearly three decades.

AIMTEST™ and GTS Training Systems provide realistic, accurate and low-cost solutions to gunnery training.

Whom We Serve

American Apex Corporation serves the world’s Armor and Infantry Forces. With over 19 countries now using AIMTEST™ and GTS, AAC is a proven global company with proven and effective gunnery training solutions.

    • Established in 1992
    • Small Global Business Category
    • On-site Gunnery Experts
    • Products are designed, tested and manufactured with the customer’s needs in mind
    • Products are Safety Certified through Aberdeen Proving Grounds
    • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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