What ammunition does the AIMTEST™ fire?

Recommended ammunition is M17, M20, and SLAP-T. The device is capable of firing any standard NATO .50 Cal. Ammunition.

What are the AIMTEST range requirements?

Full scale or scaled ranges up to 2000 meters w/ SLAP-T.

Does training with AIMTEST™ and GTS simulate actual real time live-fire training?

Yes, all systems are designed to replicate actual main gun firing using vehicle fire control systems and techniques.

Are the AIMTEST training systems easy to install and use?

Yes, all of our AIMTEST  training systems are composed of three major assemblies: the Barrel Assembly, the Bolt/Receiver Assembly and the Fire Control System. Systems are downstream and are installed on a “not to interfere” basis within minutes by a trained crew with no vehicle modification.

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