Advanced In-bore Marksmanship Training Enhancement System for Tanks

  • AIMTEST™ is our most popular gunnery training solution
  • Available for NATO standard 105mm and 120mm main gun battle tanks, as well as a variety of additional main gun systems ranging from 73mm through 125mm
  • Designed to meet military requirements and to bridge the gap between simulation and live-fire main gun ammunition training
  • End-users can expect substantially reduced ammunition costs, increased life span of main tank guns and reduction in requirements for a large-scale range
  • Ammunition costs are reduced by as much as 90% – allowing for rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Functions downstream of vehicle system, installed on a “not to interfere” basis within minutes by a trained crew with no vehicle modification
  • Consists of three major assemblies:
    • Barrel Assembly
    • Bolt/Receiver Assembly
    • Fire Control System

      The installation and the integration of AIMTEST (for Challenger 2) within the vehicle and the fire control system was flawless and extremely user friendly. The highly thought-out design ensured before and after use serving tasks of the AIMTEST can be completed with ease and aimed at the most basic of operators. On-site training was provided by highly knowledgeable and skilled instructors, who remained available throughout the commissioning live fire phase. In summary AIMTEST is a user-friendly system which offers huge cost savings. It is an extremely useful training aid for crews of armoured fighting vehicles which allows crews to benefit in live firing training which is more preferable than simulation training.

      John McCormick

      Sergeant, British Army

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