Over the last few years, training budgets have been cut substantially while readiness and operational requirements have increased or remained static. Military organizations have been expected to do more with less, creating serious problems for the responsible personnel. In many organizations, the situation has reached crisis proportions, requiring a choice between attrition of personnel and equipment, or maintaining required readiness and proficiency levels. Nowhere has this been more acutely felt than in Armored combat units. Upkeep is expensive, the equipment needs extensive maintenance, and ammunition budgets for acceptable training levels have been greatly reduced. American Apex Corporation offers affordable and cost-effective solutions to the problem of achieving live-fire training at a reduced cost.


The AIMTEST device provides high quality gunnery training at a very affordable price. Now available in the following models: 120mm, 105mm, 90mm, 73mm (76mm in development). Can be customized to meet any need.


The Advanced Inbore Marksmanship Training System for Tanks – Semi Automatic (AIMTEST-SA) is manufactured by American Apex Corporation (AAC). Tanks and fighting vehicles with cannons 73mm – 125mm can employ the AIMTEST-SA in the same way they employ their auto-loading systems.


The GTS gives users of medium caliber weapons (20mm-40mm) like the Bradley or Warrior the ability to train economically & realistically using sub-caliber weapons to train gunnery skills. Easy to install, operate, and maintain, the GTS is a cost-efficient device to use on full or scaled ranges.

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