American Apex Corporation (“AAC”) specializes in the design and manufacturing of live-fire gunnery training solutions for combat vehicles around the world. AAC is the industry leader as the sole source of the .50 cal., sub-caliber in-bore gunnery training solutions for tanks as well as sub-caliber gunnery training solutions for Infantry Fighting Vehicles (“IFV”). AAC has customers in 19 countries including the United States (US Army, US National Guard & US Marine Corps), and is ITAR compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

AAC provides real live-fire training solutions for armored crews. AAC manufactures the trademarked; Advanced In-bore Marksmanship Training Enhancement Systems for Tank (“AIMTEST”). The AIMTEST is available for all NATO standard 105mm and 120mm main gun battle tanks, and a wide variety of additional main gun systems ranging from 73mm through 125mm.

AAC also manufactures Gunnery Training Systems (“GTS”) for IFVs with medium caliber (25mm – 30mm) chain guns which also provides live-fire sub-caliber training.

Our training systems are highly accurate and provide low-cost training solutions at a small fraction of the cost of main gun ammunition and allows training where main gun ammunition has limited availability.

The AIMTEST caliber .50 tank in-bore sub-caliber device was developed in the mid-1980s by a team of American Master-Gunners at the National Guard High Technology Training Center, located at Fort Dix, New Jersey, USA. The caliber .50 tank in-bore device was developed to meet the requirements for a rugged, simple, and accurate training device that could be used on half- and full- scale tank gunnery ranges as well as bridge the gap between simulation and live-fire main gun ammunition.

Safety Certification of the 105mm caliber .50 tank in-bore device was completed at Aberdeen Proving Ground (“APG”) in 1987 and the 120mm version in 1997, with revision accommodating for M962 SLAP-T ammunition in 2001.

Since the introduction of AIMTEST, over 2,300 in-bore devices have been manufactured and fielded by 19 NATO and foreign countries.

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